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Daiwa's first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today.
From the very beginning, Daiwa's emphasis has been upon innovation and quality. The result is a long list of product features, design and materials that have become standards for the fishing tackle industry. It is a long-standing record of innovation, the type of innovation that has left a visible mark on the majority of tackle manufactured today, innovation that continues to advance the sport of fishing.

Daiwa has its hands in high quality rods, reels, lures, accessories and apparels. It ensures that all its products maintain strict standards of quality and stands by its quality.


Series of spinning rods offering great performance at a low price. Well balanced, responsive and responsive, Ballistic combine all the qualities of a technical lure rod.

  • Blank carbon HVF (High Volume Fiber) mounted with x45 technology
  • Inverted fitting on 2-strand models
  • Fuji OAL rings
  • Rectangular Fuji ACS reel holder with customized screwing ring
  • EVA Handle
  • Fast action
  • Metal lure hook
  • Butt Cap Daiwa at the heel. Cloth Cases



The Crossfire series includes powerful and nervous rods, nevertheless fairly slim at the same time, ideal for starting the lure at sea. The 702MH and 802MH rods are suitable for launching small fish and soft lures. The 742HMH, more versatile, is ideal for launching and returning swimmers from the edge as in a boat. The 702HXH is ideal for fishing with soft lures on the boat, it is the versatile cane par excellence. The 802HXH sticks to soft lures fishing in Open or a helmsman to fish beyond the freeboard and it is well suited for throwing jigs and heavy swimmers in search of skipjacks or bars, just like The 902HXH! The 702XH makes it possible to use large lures and jigs plumb with the boat.

  • Carbon Blank
  • Reverse fitting
  • SiC triattes rings
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • High density EVA foam handle
  • Peak Action



The Megaforce are jigging initiation canes. Their progressive action allows the use of jig type "Inchiku" for great depths. The model 180MS is a foil designed for light fishing and tracking small marine predators to jig.

  • Carbon Blank
  • "Off Set" (the scion engages in the heel)
  • SiC triattes with triligatures
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • EVA Handle
  • Progressive action



A series of rods for initiation into all the fisheries at the pitcher. Excellent quality / price ratio. Small footprint, easy to carry and always at your side for a fishing party.

  • Material Fiber
  • Telescopic fitting
  • Ceramic rings
  • Tubular screw reel holder
  • Foam handle
  • Miscellaneous: anti-shock cap on the heel. Perfect with 2000 to 4000 reels
  • Advanced, semi-progressive action



The Procaster Game II rods are developed for medium to heavy sea fishing. The range consists of 4 models in 4 strands with a small footprint for travel or occupying only a small space in the middle of luggage. Holidays with family.

  • Carbon Blank
  • Spigot fitting
  • Rings SiC tripattes
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • High density EVA foam handle
  • Strong edge action
  • Rubber knob on the heel



The Megaforce Boat canes are designed for medium to heavy angling to support in a boat. The ST model has a solid scion making it easier to read the keys for bait fishing. While this range is ideal for peaches to be laid and supported at anchor, some models are also used for the feather or octopus trains equipped with large spoons for hunting fish: mackerel and cod for The most common.

  • Blank carbon and composite
  • Right socket
  • SiC triattes rings
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • High density EVA foam handle
  • Medium to strong peak action
  • Rubber knobs
  • Scion yellow fluo



The Sensor Boat series offers versatile rods designed for initiation to all boat angling to support and to pose. The models 2,10 to 2,70 m are also suitable for anglers wishing to start with the jigs of heavier spoons, respecting the weights indicated on the canes.

  • Blank composite
  • Straight socket (except 131 single strand)
  • Triathlon rings
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • Foam handle
  • Progressive action
  • Tip of fluo green scion, under fluorescent green varnish between the rings


The SENSOR TELE BOAT range consists of telescopic rods for all strong fisheries to support by boat. The 2.70 m model can also be used to start on a dike, for example by installing it using a Daiwa RSA42 all-wheel assembly with worms at a distance of 10 to 30 m from the structure.

  • Blank fiberglass hollow Telescopic
  • Rings OAL glued
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • Foam handle
  • Strong action
  • Shock-resistant metal stopper with heel screw
  • Scion green fluo



The Saltist VJ (Vertical Jigging) is designed for the practice of "Slow Jigging", a new technique based on slow vertical animations. This 6'2 (1.88 m) long rod is specially designed for practice with a baitcasting reel. Slow jigging involves slowly animating the jig vertically on the boat by varying the animation sequences (drawn slow, long descents accompanied by a slight tension of the line in order to react in the event of stop of the line, mechanical recoveries and Jerked with the reel, etc.). The action is supple in tip, intermediate with nerve on the second third and the heel has a strong reserve of power to get rid of the wanted predators. A technique born in the Pacific which seems to be of great interest to our Mediterranean waters as well as to the search for gadidae and bar in the Atlantic, Channel and North Sea. Recommended reel: the Saltiga1515HL is made for this technique! For moderate depths, the Ryoga, Catalina and Lexa 300 are also suitable. Recommended braiding: between 10 and 20 lb. Ideal brake 2 kg, max. Brake 8 kg.


The Team Daiwa Minnes Mani canes are still gaining in lightness thanks to these new reworked blanks and the addition of Fuji O rings. They are balanced and their cutting-edge actions are of exceptional sensitivity for the pleasure of fishermen passionate about minnows mania. Easy to transport thanks to their small size (3 elements), these long rods allow a good control of the line. Note, a model in 3,30 m for large rivers.

  • HVF Carbon Blank (High Volume Fiber)
  • Reverse fitting
  • Fuji Concept O rings
  • DAIWA exclusive reel seat: Self-locking and adjustable
  • Cork handle, ergonomic flat on the top of the cork for the positioning of the index finger, removable cork knob preceded by a carbon ring.
  • Sensitive peak action
  • Non-slip under-ligated thread at first fit. Metal wire hook.


A series of canes for initiation into all the fisheries at the pitcher. The Sensor Mini range offers excellent value for money. With their small footprint, they are easy to carry and always at your side for an improvised fishing party.
A series of canes for initiation into all the fisheries at the pitcher. The Sensor Mini range offers excellent value for money. With their small footprint, they are easy to carry and always at your side for an improvised fishing party.

  • Blank Fiber
  • Telescopic
  • Ceramic rings
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • Foam handle
  • High-tech, semi-progressive
  • Shockproof cap on the heel
  • Perfect with reels of size 2000 to 4000


The Sensor Surf are initiation canes designed for occasional surfcasting and dive fisheries. They also make it possible to search the bar at the foot of the port works and in the rocks without fear of the violent touches that line or cause the canes to fall! The bar is then targeted to crab, shellfish or live.

  • Blank composite
  • Straight stitching with metal reinforcement ring
  • Rings with black finish
  • Tube reel holder with screw
  • Smooth handle
  • Semi-parabolic action
  • Anti-shock cap on heel
  • Scion point yellow
  • Suitable reel size: 4500 to 5500

SALTIST BAY JIGGING - Light Machine and Light Mach

Designed for modern vertical peaches, the Saltist Light Machine I and II in 6'3 and 6'7 are spinning models designed for the use of madaï and inchiku, metal lures to handle slowly. They are also suitable for the use of large soft lures recovered slowly to target the gadidae: shads barely detached from the bottom for cod and slugs / shads slowly rising from the bottom to mid-height to target the yellow places. The blank with an incredible power / fineness ratio of 9 mm diameter sits in the heel. Reel recommended in size 3500 to 4500 equipped with a braid between 10 and 16 lbs for Light Machine and 10 to 20 lbs for Light Machine II. Ideal brake 2 kg, max. Brake 8 kg.



These rods are designed for vertical boat fishing combining the comfort of jig action and power.The HS and XHS models allow fish to be deep-fished such as fish, cod and dentist to jig. The MHS model allows to use different types of jigs (straight jigs, Inchicku ...) in light fishing. The two new casting models HB and XHB introduce themselves to vertical casting peaches with a high-performance product (Fuji Low Rider rings, carbon blank ...).

  • Blank Carbon Top Module
  • "Off Set" (the scion is fitted in the heel) and single-stranded
  • Fuji Lowrider rings on baitcasting model and spinning model 632MHS, Fuji aluminum oxide reinforced tripattes for others
  • Reel seat Fuji DPS
  • Shrink EVA wrap handle
  • Action jig (semi-parabolic) with large power reserve for HS and KHS models, powerful parabolic for model MHS
  • BRC style knob on the heel
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